Understanding The Balinese Local Wisdom with Bali Rural Life

Visiting Bali won’t be perfect before getting to know the culture and tradition of The Balinese. As improving one’s knowledge is one of the benefits of travel, Bali Rural Life is established to provide information and interactive activities between the traveler and local community.  Nestled in the village of Bongkasa, approx. 45-60 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali Rural Life has some attractive activities to offer, such as Traditional Farming, Black Smith tour, Balinese Workshop and Experience Stay with the Local. Interesting right? Let’s take a deep look of each activities.

  1. Balinese Traditional Farming

When you first arrived at The Bali Rural Life, the locals will warmly welcome you with traditional drink called “Daluman” and Balinese snack at “wantilan”; the Balinese Meeting Hall, located right next to paddy fields.  You will see how the farmers plough the field with the help of cows and also the planting technique that widely use in Bali. You are also able to plant the paddy with the farmers. If you have anything to ask, Pak Darma-The Local guide is ready to explain everything you need to know 🙂

Besides the paddy rice, Bali Rural Life will take you to the farm where you can found jack fruit, coffee, cacao, mangosteen and palm tree. I bet you haven’t seen some or maybe all of them before. With the guidance of Pak Darma, you will get a complete brief about each plants. What made this more interesting is the making of Palm Wine, where you can see a farmer climbing up the tree to take the extract of the Palm Fruits that they’ve been collect for days. The fresh extract is called “Tuak” and if tuak is distillated it will change into liquor called “Arak Bali” or Palm Wine.


  1. Balinese Architecture & Workshop

Visiting local’s house is the part of Bali Rural Life experience. Pak Darma will explain each part of Balinese house and how its built. This is the right moment to dig more about Balinese Architecture and see how it reflects on their daily life. You will also learn the hierarchy and the relationship between God, Environment and Human.

Move to the Balinese Kitchen area called ‘Paon’ you will amaze with the antique yet traditional stuff that Balinese use for cooking. They will also show you how to make the coconut oil and “Jaja Uli”; a famous Balinese snack which is made from rice which is also used as offering. As offering is a part of Balinese life, here you can learn how they made offerings and what to put to make it worthy to presents. Balinese cooking class is also can be arranged here. You will experience picking spices from the garden, preparing the ingredients and cooking with the supervise of the locals.



  1. Black Smith by Pande Pilih

The next house you will visit is the Black Smith called Pande Pilih. Here you can see how the machete (especially Parang) is made. Pak Darma will explain the philosophy and rituals that need to be done by a Black Smith before making the machete. The tools are all traditional and it’s a unity that couldn’t be separated. Scrutinize the story told by Pak Darma will obviously make you curious about everything. So better do not hurry 🙂


  1. Balinese Traditional Spices

En route to the last house, there’s a rest area next to the small river with the rice paddy as the view. Here, you will enjoy the fresh young coconut before continue trekking. Pak Darma will share you another treasure about herb and spices of Bali that easily found in the farm and by the time you arrive at the last house, you will enjoy the mouthwatering Balinese Food. Tasty!

  1. Experience stay with the Local

For everyone who wants to blend with the life of the locals, Bali Rural Life gives you opportunity to stay at the local house. This will complete your journey with The Bali Rural Life and of course enrich your knowledge.

Based on the 5 activities provided by Bali Rural Life, your visit to Bali will be worth. You simply could learn the Highlights of Bali in less than 1 day and it’s even better if you stay for long time there. Everything that provided here are directly from the local and your visit will absolutely help the local directly. Help them to conserve their culture & tradition also improve their standard of life. Bali Rural Life also have a big lawn that is perfect for party, either it’s a wedding party, gala dinner or any party you can name. Cool right! Let’s understanding Bali with Bali Rural Life.

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