Memorable Journey to Meayen Waterfall, Pai-Thailand

This is a story when an Indonesian, an Israeli and an American collided..

It’s all begun with Kelsey and Shahar, 2 beautiful young ladies who stayed in the same hostel with me in Pai, North Thailand. They were about to going to a Meayen waterfall. It’s only 7 km walking based on google map they said. Since my planning was to wandering Pai on my rental scooter, I waved them good bye after breakfast.

I went to visit a tribe village by the river in Pai and suddenly met Kelsey and Shahar walking through a rocky road to the waterfall, I offered them a ride and spontaneously changed my plan and joined them instead. Apparently, the 7km distance was from the hostel to the starting point. At the beginning of the route, there’s a signage of MEAYEN WATERFALL with a hand written note “2h15 min walks from here”. To be honest, I took it as a joke.

Since we had to walk crossing the river, I offered Kelsey to put her shoes in my scooter so the shoes wouldn’t get wet and it’s where the pain just started.
For the first 1 hour we were excited with the view, the jungle (we didn’t expect that we will walk into the deep jungle) the river, clean fresh air. So peaceful! After 30 mins of walking, we noticed that leaving Kelsey’s shoes behind was a bad bad idea.

We were walking for 1hr 30 mins and started to feel hungry and none of us brought any food. Luckily, each of us had water in our backpack. 2 hours walking barefoot, crossing the river and passing the rocky and slippery jungle with empty tummy, we felt stupid and hopeless. In the middle of the jungle, we met 3 tourists and they were heading back to Pai, they didn’t make it to the waterfall since it was too far. Those tourists didn’t stop us although we have no idea how long it would take.

We were so happy when finally, we saw another sign, but when we came closer it said: Meayen Waterfall, “1 hour climb steep bypass here” and YES, our smile faded away. (I was really mad with myself by taking the hand written note as a joke!) The climb was challenging, slippery, steep but the scenery was worth the pain.

Out of nowhere, a white dog came approach us and leaded the way, anytime we were getting slow, he barked and waited for us. It was such a nice sweet dog and he had succeeded leading us reach to the waterfall. We felt bad for the dog since we couldn’t give him any food in return for his kindness. In total, we spent 3 hours walking in the deep jungle of Pai until we found the waterfall.

There were some young tourists in the waterfall and they were enjoying their lunch. We couldn’t get our eyes of their lunch boxes and one of them even gave one to the dog! That was the first time in my life I wanted to be a DOG!

Meayen waterfall is 2 levels waterfall with beautiful natural pool underneath. Some tourist climbed the waterfall and enjoyed the pool at the first level.  This waterfall is simply a hidden gem of Pai, a perfect place to relax and unite with nature (especially after 3 hours of walking).  We spent some time there, taking pictures, enjoying the view and staring at the food that never became ours.

Ah yeah, the way back, another 3 hours!! The good news that Shahar found some butter candies in her backpack!!! It’s a treasure for us! Such a sweet surprised!!! We felt so much better after having 3 butter candies, well Kelsey dropped one and we couldn’t help it but laughed. The candies and our craving for Pad Thai and Fried Rice were two things that kept us on fire walking the way back..

Wise man said, it’s about the journey, not the destination.. Till next time,, another journey, another story!

Things you should prepare before trekking to Meayen Waterfall, Pai:

  1. Trekking shoes/sandal
  2. comfy clothes for trekking
  3. mosquito repellent
  4. lunch box
  5. Mineral water
  6. Energy bar/candies
  7. Camera!

Ps: The best time to start trekking is at 8/9 am in the morning!

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