Why Solo Travel?

Reminiscing the old memories, I recall the moment my parents entrusted a bus driver to take me for 5 hour-trip from Ruteng to Labuan Bajo. I was 5 years old back then. That was the very first time I traveled on my own.

I wrote this post to encourage everybody out there to at least, once in their lifetime, experience the art of traveling solo.

Here are reasons why:

  • Get lost

Why should i travel to get lost?! I bet this question pops in your mind. Believe it or not ( you better try), getting lost while traveling can be so much fun. Strolling into new streets, finding new places, meeting strangers, talking with the locals, bumping into local restaurants, and so many surprising moments will happen!

It will also pump your adrenaline and spontaneously turn your instinct on. You might face the language barrier but you will be moved by how your surroundings will try to help you.

Coming to a new place, you might have specific perceptions and stereotypes about it, but towards the end you will realize that humans are basically KIND.. I bet thatโ€™s what MANKIND referred to.

found this gem when i was riding motorbike around Pai, Thailand,, what a treasure..
  • Local interaction

When traveling alone, you will count on yourself and surroundings (which most of the times are THE LOCAL) to get information. Interaction with the local can be challenging. you try to make them understand your purpose, sometime they get it, well sometime they don’t. And then you both speak sign language and you laugh. So many unexpected moments happen and they will enrich you in many ways..

Talking and being with the locals will make you understand the culture better. You will get something that you never find in any story book or travel blogs etc..

Bumped into this lovely Girl back in South Korea, she instantly asked me to join her staying with her Family in Hamyang


A great mum, she couldn’t speak English, we both communicate with language of kindness,, she never let me hungry, always cook the best Korean food, keep me warm with her jacket and wished me good luck with blanket, rice cake and lunch money when I left ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Find the real you, the strength within you

solo travel allows us to understand ourselves better. You can do anything you like, decide any activities you prefer to do.. this is the best time to put yourself first and, at the same time, being social because we are surrounded by the locals.

Because, most of the time we might always put others happiness/opinion/demands before ours. Let’s learn how to put OURS first!

Also, going solo will reveal how far you can put yourself to handle everything on your own and count on strangers and experience their true kindness..

You will be surprised by the amazing people you will meet and also you will know how precious and blissful creature you are..

Just a fine day in Hamyang, South Korea

Those are the 3 main reasons why I suggest you to travel Solo.. I bet you will be addicted to it ๐Ÿ˜Š



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