Tips and Tricks for Solo Traveling

On my previous post, I wrote about reasons why solo travel is a must! I did a little survey on Instagram on what they think about solo travel, and apparently 94% voted they will absolutely do the Solo Travel. Well, I have to say, it’s not easy, especially for the first timer. What can you do to make your solo journey fun? How to survive? From my experiences on going solo, let me share the following tips and tricks to make your solo journey become more enjoyable (PS: solo doesn’t always mean that you are alone)

  1. Travel Insurance

Before traveling, please ensure you have yourself and the journey covered by travel insurance. You never know what will happen when traveling. Generally, travel insurance will cover the following matters: delay, baggage lost, accident, health issues and many more. It depends on type of travel insurance you choose. Please take your time to learn about type of travel insurance and also its benefit before purchasing.

  1. Packing

As you travel solo, you can only count on yourself in almost 99% of the journey. Imagine traveling on your own bringing many stuffs while checking map, direction, crossing the road or enjoying street food. Overwhelmed right? The point on solo traveling is to travel as light as possible, pack the stuff that you really need & important during travel. Travelling during winter might a little bit hard, but if you prepare good quality of layers, you won’t need more than one coat for the whole journey.

PS: some destinations provide coat rental and also sell preloved coat, you might consider these places rather than bring too many stuffs from home 🙂

Backpack is always perfect for traveling, especially when going SOLO
  1. Accommodation

Deciding where to stay does play a big role while going solo. Do stay at hostel where you can meet fellow travelers. I believe hostel is designed to be a meeting and melting point for travelers around the world. Hostel is THE PLACE where you can find so many valuable information for traveling and again tips and trick while wandering around the area. Besides, hostel is very budget friendly and the services worth every penny you spent. You’ll be amazed how strangers can be well connected and (maybe) become best travel buddy by the end of the journey.

Staying with the Local and live like the Local
Bunch of good travelers I met in homestay
  1. Gadget

We’re getting older day by day, but memories and pictures stay forever (if only your camera doesn’t run out of battery). So actually, when traveling esp. going solo, Gadget (in this case Camera, smartphone) is a must have item. In addition, you can also bring tripod, underwater case, selfie stick to support the easiness when taking picture. Another easy way is to ask someone to take picture for you (1 or 2 Picts only, please).

All in One Gadget 🙂
  1. Emergency Contact

Put emergency contact in your backpack/luggage tag, in the hotel/hostel reservation. And please make contact with someone back home, just to update your current situation. Pin on the map the location of your embassy in every country you visit.

  1. Language barrier

When you traveling to Non English speaking countries, you cannot expect everyone to understands English or your mother language. So what to do? Believe or not, the sign language works better when you have language barrier and also always remember that you are the one who should adapt with the situation. This where you will rely on your instinct and intuition. Be aware with surroundings and last but not least, a pocket of local dictionary might be helpful. It will be heaven if you can get local friends! Go get ’em!

I think I have shared enough. Hopefully after reading this post you will be more confident to start your solo journey! Remember to stop wondering and start wandering (solo)!!!

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