How Running Can Improve Your Travel Experience

As we travel, being physically fit is vital.  We wander around the whole day and do tons of fun activities which require a lot of energy and strength.  To me, the simplest way to keep me in good health is to practice running as my almost everyday workout and I found that it has been excessively helpful for an adventure admirer like me.

This time, I did an Instagram survey (again) regarding Morning Routine on Vacation and the result showed; out of 43 voters, 70% travelers prefer Sleep to Morning Run.  I do understand that most people demand a relaxing morrow, yet I assume you may want to start switching your morning habits to RUNNING after you have finished reading this article.


  1. The Optimum Way to Explore Surrounding

You are your own local guide.

In my humble opinion, if you want to explore the area at its best, attempt to run in the morning.

Settle on an easy pace, go through the market, city center, and my favorite of them all is to pass all that tantalizing breakfast stalls!  With that method you will discover “hidden” places you are probably unable to find on any social media, travel blogs, newspaper, magazine, etc.

For I personally believe, running could lead us to blending with culture that we have never seen or thought ever abide formerly.

You could stop by at any spots that you pass, especially those adorable local coffee shops (according to me as a coffee addict), having the opportunity to join the local sipping coffee  & breakfasting in their way and watching neighborhood bargain at the market using language that you might unfamiliar. These experiences basically create an instant path for you to be one of the natives.

Fresh fruits post morning run
So ready for a big breakfast! Yumm
Morning Market Situation
Run next to Long Biên Bridge, a historical bridge in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Getting New Friends by Joining Local Running Community

Nowadays, as running has become popular and even turned into a culture in some parts of the world, running communities are existing almost everywhere with less effort to be searched out.  For instance, if you visited Bali and interested in learning from the Balinese, you may google “IndoRunners Bali” and be allied in the schedule.  You will meet many fellow runners that are willing to take you running at beautiful routes and they will surely shower you with as many information as possible about the Island of Gods.  Hey, you just got a local passport!

PS:  this had happened to me when I was in Seoul.  I coincidentally met Jeun who also loved running.  She had helped me find the meet up point agreed when I was about to run with PRRC, and eventually she ended up inviting me to come with her to visit her parents in Ham Yang.  Never had I been any grateful for accepting the invitation, I would have regretted if I did not!!!

By the way, running with PRRC crew was superbbbb!  I had received so much love and honestly, they are one of kindest and warmest people I know.

Night Run with PRRC-Seoul (PRRC or Private Road Running Club is one of the biggest running communities in South Korea
Post Run Dinner
Jeun and I with beautiful HamYang as the background


  • You Won’t Easily Get Exhausted
Trekking to the top of Mt Hala, Jeju during winter was FUN
  • Environmental Friendly

I suppose I don’t necessarily explicate broadly on this point.  The only machine you ever require to make a study is your own body!  Remember to shower prior running (keeping the odor away, even for a bit).

Running is simple and practicable. You merely need decent pair of running shoes to start the execution.

Please take your time, don’t rush, enjoy every little thing you cross over, stop if you feel like to, take heaps of pictures (or selfies) and once you are ready, go back running!

Nevertheless, please ensure that you have enough sleep and proper dinner the night before and YES, hydrate well!


Now what to wait?! Go Run!

Stop Wondering and Start Wandering.

8 thoughts on “How Running Can Improve Your Travel Experience

  1. Ah Guteri you are impressive as always. Extremely well done. It shares the truth of what is it that keep us running any where and any time.. good health. Friendship. Discovery. Self confidence. Determination. Superb Gut gut

    1. aww ibu,,, thank you so much,, im blushing ahhahaha.. It just running is so good and everyone should know it 🙂
      Keep running ya Bu… xoxo

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